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Winter El Gordo – The World's Biggest One Day Lottery
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There is no Santa Claus.

There’s something better, though.

It’s called El Gordo, which means “the fat one” in Spanish. Just like Santa Claus—except that El Gordo is carrying a lot more loot for you in the sack. On the 22nd of December in Madrid this year, the richest lottery draw in the world will be held. €2.24 Billion is up for grabs, and you could be one of the lucky winners. This isn’t about being naughty or nice. This is about playing to win. So, play El Gordo now and make it a Holiday season to remember!

Winter Gordo Tickets
  • Prize pool total of €2.24 Billion
  • Biggest lottery draw in the world
  • Each ticket can win multiple times
  • Held in Madrid, Spain annually since 1812
Play El Gordo now and change your life forever!

El Gordo Facts

What would you do with a winning share of €2.24 Billion? Buy that dream vacation home? Retire early? Travel the world? Well, here’s your chance to play El Gordo and finally make all your dreams come true.

  • 320 people could become millionaires instantly
  • Odds of winning a prize are an amazing 1:6.53
  • NO Rollovers—it all comes out in one draw
  • 2,448,640 prizes are awarded
2.24 Billion Prize Pool ENQUIRE NOW Don't Miss Out!
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Go Jackpot-Crazy With La Primitiva!

When you play El Gordo with the European Lottery Guild, you’ll be part of the Spanish Lottery Syndicate. This means that besides playing in the biggest lottery event of the year, you’ll also get 100 shared tickets in an exclusive Jackpot Prize Pool in Spain’s popular twice-weekly Lotto game called La Primitiva.

  • Draws are held every Thursday and Sunday, with your participation lasting 6 months
  • 52 draws in all -- 5,200 chances to be a winner
  • Total Jackpot prizes worth up to €145,000,000 are in play for you to win!
2.24 Billion Prize Pool ENQUIRE NOW Don't Miss Out!

Would You Say No To A FREE €10,000 Cheque?

The European Lottery Guild is once again raising the stakes for you this year. When you play or simply enquire about playing with us, you will be automatically entered into an exclusive draw for a chance to win a whopping €10,000. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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El Gordo

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